Do you want to understand God’s specific plan for your life, and how to really hear God’s direction? Do you want to know exactly what you were born to do and live a successful life? The Purpose Experiment will take you on an invigorating journey to discover, confirm and activate your true life’s purpose. It will challenge you to embrace the great life of adventure, meaning and mission that you were always meant to live!


10 Reasons Why You Will Love This Book:


  • You will revitalize your times with God
  • You will recognize what you were born to be and to do
  • You will see yourself and your life with more clarity
  • You will view past failures as a springboard to future success
  • You will discover the great life you were always meant to live
  • You will embrace the empowering new habits and practices
  • You will enter a new level of personal growth and success
  • You will enhance your attraction factor
  • You will live a more meaningful life
  • You will experience consistent life wins


120pp, Copyright © 2012

The Purpose Experiment