Take Off Your Sandals

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Do you ever get the feeling that the crazy things that are happening to you are not just happenstance, but they are a particular move of God in your life? I know I have and that's how I feel right now. There are two places in scripture when God gives a command to take off your sandals. One was with Moses before God delivered Israel out of Egypt. The second one happens just before God delivers Jericho to Joshua. So what's the big deal about taking your sandals off?

In his book Draw the Circle, Mark Batterson responds to the take off your sandals scenario when he says "I think it was an act of humility, an act of worship, It was a way of acknowledging absolute dependence on God. It was a way of removing any obstacle that could get in the way of God and Moses, God and Joshua."

One of the things I caught in this message is that need to remove my shoes when I am writing. I need to do it as reminder that I need God's anointing, that I am fulfilling a sacred calling. The holy ground wasn't the Promised Land. It was right where Moses was standing.

Don't wait until you get to the Promised Land, you've got to worship along the way. You can't be mean and grumpy along the way, you have to stand flatfooted and worship along the way to your miracle.


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