10 Things I've Learned

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In 2008, I began to chart my life and meticulously dissect it. That process led me to author my first book. Between that time and today I have learned many lessons and have authored two more books. My fourth and greatest book yet is coming this Fall. I will keep you posted! Meanwhile if you don't know what a Chain Breaker is keep following my blog for more info.

What have I learned in the last few decades?

1. I learned that I have not learned as much as I would have had I taken “the path”.

2. I learned that it took a while for me to balance reading time versus writing time. Reading was my dreamland, but writing would prove to be my highest gift and truest passion.

3. I learned to never deliberately try to fit in with the crowd. but instead engage all types of people.

4. I learned to accept defeat and come back stronger.

5. I learned that sometimes you have to shift your mindset and your surroundings to grow forward.

6. I learned that God is always my greatest champion and supporter.

7. I learned that having a tribe is extremely important for the tribe and for you.

8. I learned that sometimes we think we are progressing, but some of us are actually living the same scenarios over and over again.

9. I learned that there is a difference between the path and the winding road. The winding road will keep you aimlessly swirling from place to place with no true destination. The path directly aligns you with your skill set, interests, and your ‘why’. It shows you the way.

10. I learned that your gift will make room for you and bring you before great people.

What about you, what are a few things you have you learned in your journey?

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