We are capable, beautiful, forward moving, survivors who have a deep love for one another. We defy the lies we have formerly fallen prey to by the oppressor. We can create our own businesses, our own systems, our own cities, etc. Our first love is for God and our people. We are not afraid of our own. We love, help, and stand with our own. It is within our right to RISE like a phoenix from the ashes and reclaim our lives, our homes, our communities, and our cities. We are owed much but we focus most on the “Collective We” that moves us ever forward. 

Chain Breaker is about bringing together the broken pieces of our lives to rebuild and reclaim the forgotten parts of ourselves. It is about breaking the chains of racism from our minds and allowing the resilience to flow in. It is about being free to be curious, to cry, to question and to engage. But mostly, it is about the Collective We.



It’s about stillness and allowing that stillness to just be. Not for anyone else but just for you. Stillness. It is about the great cloud of witnesses that surround you daily and have done so throughout many generations. It’s about beauty, it’s about bliss. It’s about communing and connecting to the breath. 

You are finding your soul's solace and it calls you to beautiful moments. Here you find a simple and gentle power and you gain a new perspective. Joy is your refreshing laughter is your expression and your bliss. Small moments are your secret hideaway.



My purpose experiment began when I realized: I had wasted time, I had wasted money and I had wasted a good deal of my life trying to be somebody I was not! One day the realization of all of this came crashing down. And I just laid on the bed sobbing before the Lord saying, Lord, what in the world do I do now? I’ve had so many failures in my life, I need to know THE RIGHT thing to do. 

And from THAT moment. The moment when nothing else mattered, not what my friends said, not my luxury car, not having a man in my life. The moment when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. When I had to find….my true path, my true place and my true purpose in the world. When I came to THAT point, that’s when God gave me the secret.




I am learning each day. And as I learn I want to pass along information to help others. Over the years I have approached food, health and wellness in different ways. There was a time when I abused it, and also ignored the organic food movement. And then I grew up. I was sent into this world to love, give and be a pathway. Inside you will find elements of my story, as well as valuable information to help you on your journey to wellness. Let’s stay in touch to help love one another and keep each other whole.

Set a food goal that is obtainable yet will stretch you. When I first started, my food goal was pretty much, "McDonald's is dead to me. That may sound funny but at the time McDonald's was my biggest food enemy. I had to squash that opponent quickly. Later I progressed to cutting out all beef and pork. That was almost twenty years ago, and I haven't gone back.




I dedicate this book to women around the globe. Women who are great in their own right, and yet no matter how great or small still desire to live an extraordinary life. These pages are for you. My prayer is that they boost your desire for God, energize your faith and push you into the red-hot center of God’s calling for you.

Being hidden is no longer your lot. Coloring inside the lines is for the fearful. Doodling within the confines of the page is for those less courageous than you. It’s time to break out! Call your momma, warn your kids, things are about to change in your life. Your purpose is to spring forth and become, in the name of Jesus!