To awaken a Racial Healing & Liberation Movement which creates restorative practices to heal the souls of Black folk.


We deploy cultural and spiritual wisdom to heal, restore and overcome.


Our courses, programs and events address the impact that racism and oppression have had on Black America and liberates our people through advocating, educating, and creating safe spaces.


When Black people come together, we thrive!

My Journey

I grew up in a pro-black family and community. Advocating for Black people was always who we were and what we did. On my block we had Black doctors, lawyers, and my dad who owned the first Black supermarket in Philadelphia. Plus, the neighbors directly facing our house were the first Black jewelers on Jewelers Row. We were a regular middle class family & community that wanted all of us to thrive.

I didn't take the same route as my parents but I delved into education, business and creative endeavors.

  • Attended Penn State University and later Eastern University in my 20's

  • Owned a Tutoring Center for 5 years

  • Started a Floral & Gift Design business for 3 years

  • Went to graduate school and earned my Master's Degree in my 30's

  • Worked for a University for 5 years

  • Taught as Adjunct Faculty at a University for 5 years

  • Facilitated College Prep Sessions for Schools & Youth Organizations

  • Authored three inspirational books

  • Became an Organizational Development Trainer in NYC

  • Became Corporate Faculty at a Technology University


But what it all came down to was “Advocating for Black People”. Everywhere I went, I wanted to bring added value to the Black population I served. And so somewhere in 2016 I began to think of myself as a Black Wellness Advocate. By 2017 I was holding conversations on racism in my home each month. During the third racism session I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I wanted to do this for my life’s work. And that is when I decided to become a Racial Healing Facilitator. Hello, my name is Joy Linn Mackey. I am a Black Wellness Advocate and Racial Healing Facilitator. Welcome to our collective journey!


Please take a moment to recite the words in the quote below.

As you read be sure to breathe in and breathe out with each phrase. Ready? Begin.


Breathe in Love; Breathe out Hate! 

Breathe in Peace; Breathe out Rage!

Breathe in Courage; Breathe out Fear!

Breathe in Everything that makes you feel alive; Breathe out Everything that breaks you inside!"

~Kismat Gowani


Use this to bring peace and calm to your soul.

There is much unrest in the world.

May this space be one that helps you embrace freedom, safety and tranquility.


Breathe In Love; Breathe out Hate!


Breathe in Peace; Breathe out Rage!

Breathe in Courage; Breathe out Fear!

Breathe in Everything that makes you feel alive; Breathe out Everything that breaks you inside!

-Kismat Gowani

Our Mission

We empower those in our community who are impacted by internalized racism and guide them on a sacred journey to reclaim their joy and wellness.


Our Vision

We are a leading voice around the globe for racial healing, equity and reconciliation.

Let's Thrive Together!