To reshape our thought

patterns about food

 We gather people who are interested in thriving together for greater

health & wellness

To make subtle to gradual changes as much as possible leading toward a plant-based diet 

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Company Purpose


Aikan (I-CAN) Black Collective promotes great books & products on the aikanblackcollective website. We use the word Aikan (I-CAN) as a motivator to realize our ability. I-CAN win, I CAN grow, I CAN heal, etc. We also offer the Collective Climb, which is our Free Quarterly Newsletter; and last but not least our Signature Membership Community (SMC). We are currently building the SMC as the lifeforce of connection for our business. It will house our central headquarters and the heartbeat of our individual projects.

Our first health & wellness initiative “Emancipate the Plate” focuses our attention on helping people heal from abusive relationships with food. I am extremely passionate about igniting revolutionary food and lifestyle change for all people, and particularly for Black people who have traditionally been locked out of important information regarding our health. Beyond all doubt, this is a space where everyone can thrive.

The social component to our business. – Chocolat Sans Defaut, offers compelling culinary experiences that are healthy and engage people in powerful communal table conversations around the topics of food, health, & wellness.


To Empower People to Climb Higher, Connect Deeper & Emit a Loving Energy in the Earth.



My vision is to ignite revolutionary food & lifestyle change for Black people. I do this best by engaging individualized food and lifestyle changes for my clients. We specialize in your unique needs & health goals to assist you in making lasting improvements for sustainable health.



Our Offerings are for people of all colors, creeds, & denominations of faith, including those who are joyfully interested to just hang out with us.

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